This site is setup for registring Balvihar students at the Wichita Temple, Kansas.

For Donating toward the Women's Shelter of Wichita Please Click on the Button Below (Balvihar HTGW Women's Shelter)

The Balvihar Fall session starts on Aug 30, 2020 and ends on Dec 13, 2020.

New/Changes to Balvihar Program

Starting this Semester we are restructuring Balvihar. Balvihar classes will include Mythology, Hindi, Telugu, Programming and Seva.

The new integrated program will include Art, Bhajan/Music, Meditation/Yoga, Mythology, Hindi (Spoken), Telugu (Spoken) and Seva.

All kids who are younger than 13 will be participating in two seva sessions through the semester. Some of the sessions will be at the Temple, and some will be outside. Students will be scheduled to different Seva sessions/activities based on their age.

Need Teachers/Volunteers

The Balvihar program is needing volunteers to lead classes. If you will be able to help with leading any of the classes or can be available to volunteer to be an assistant teacher or for general organizational assistance please email

Balvihar Class Schedule

Classes commence at 9:30 AM and end by noon. This semester all the classes will be remote.

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